Finamore Italy – 90 years of Excellence

Finamore menswearThe Finamore tailor’s shop was born in 1925, when Mrs. Carolina opened the first workshop in the center of Naples. Following the basic rules of napolitan haute couture, sewed luxury shirts, dedicated to a select and elegant clientele. Later, in the 60s, the rules and tailoring skills were transferred to Alberto and Stefania, son and daughter in law of Carolina, which opened a large workshop in San Giorgio a Cremano. The two led the tailor to become a company, thanks to a strong sense of business, culture and cutting edge. The turning point came in the ’90s, when Simone, Paolo, Andrea and Annamaria, grew up in scraps of fabric, good taste and dedication to tailoring, allowed Finamore to become a company that can be distinguished by the high quality and care to detail.

Finamore is now an international brand distributed in the most prestigious boutiques around the world, producing not only shirts, but total look: jackets, pants and even accessories.

finamore london


Today, the corporate headquarters is still located in San Giorgio a Cremano , while the point of sale Finamore is on via Calabritto 16, Naples. Finamore shirts are sewn according to the ancient canons: where is sewed by hand to give proper reinforcement to the finer points such as travertine and sleeve buttonholes. Culture at the service of all those people around the world who decide to rely on the brand and requiring tailored treatment, specialty of Finamore that knows no distance limitations.

finamore shirtsThe measures of the customers are, in fact, recognized in every part of the world and sentto the laboratory, where they are processed and transformed into exclusive clothes.How it’s made a tailor shirt? The neck is hand-stitched framed in such a way as to make the soft head and without tension, allowing aperfect wearability of the shirt. The hand embroidery of the shirtwaist makes it easier and is a true hallmark of Neapolitan artisan school.

The buttons, exclusively in mother of pearl, are also sewn by hand, as well as the sleeve, so as to get the proper freedom of movement. Due to the hand-stitching of the fourth shoulder you get the typical saddle that allows the shirt to sit in the shoulder. Finally, the fly reinforcement applied to the sides ensures the seal and embellishes the shirt.

Article by Filippo Fiora

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